ZOA's David Schoen Addresses Pending Suit Against Steve Bannon


Well I mean you've got it all in a nutshell What you just said let me be clear from the beginning since we've got a pending case here I don't generally address pending cases But I am addressing this case because I think I have an obligation to respond because the attorney general Garland saw fit to issue a press release on Friday after mister Bannon was indicted And in it he said that the charges against mister Bannon reflected department of justices steadfast commitment to pursuing equal justice under the law I can't think of much that's further from the truth than that This is in no way the pursuit of equal justice under law to put it in perspective by the way for people since 2008 have been referred for criminal contempt And that's what mister Bennet is charged with criminal contempt to the Justice Department Not one of them was ever charged with criminal contempt Lois learner Eric holder Harriet Myers Josh Bolton all across the board politically This is what we're seeing today from the Biden administration from this Congress is the politicization of the criminal process for a vindictive reasons And what they did in those other cases and three of the four is they had a dispute over whether the document should be turned over And so they initiated a civil enforcement action to get a judge to decide whether they should be turned over That's all mister Bennett asked for here From a president Trump invoked executive privilege mister Bannon's lawyer received a letter directing him not to appear and not to turn over any documents because privilege has been invoked His lawyer advised him to honor that mister Ben wanted to honor that for the former president because it clearly does apply former president We know from the case Nixon versus general service administration a former president Ken invoked privilege and it's very important privilege in the mazars case The court said this is a privilege of the highest sanctity executive privilege Why Because the president of the United States has to be able to speak freely to advisers even if they're no longer on the staff We often call that president often calls on former advisers because their wealth of knowledge they knew something then They know something now and they're kept in

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