A highlight from The Christmas Promise (Hallmark Channel - 2021)

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The own. I'm here with you. The boys and i'm so excited to be here larry. Can you tell me horns are a work of art. Can you tell me zayed's knows no bounds. You put the air. It's pressurize and then it makes a loud noise so loud. Noises are amazing larry. How'd you get into air horn. I will take no questions. Thank you larry. I he did. He told me he would take to be fair. We had an email from his his publicist. That said larry is gonna come on. He's going to talk about how science is like a marvel. Now air goes a horn and then he's not going to take any questions and we still had him on. Well he delivered. I will say delivered on on. He lived up to billy. He lived up to billing. That's right. The rider was accurate One of the few one of the few guests we get on the show that does to be perfectly accurate. Definitely accurate there guys. I want i want to ask this question. We're are on the first thursday of november and having so much fun. it's so much fun. We've watched handful these to so much fun twice. Is it the. But i wanna know this. Our local christmas radio station switched to the christmas music. Slots of shadow There's lots of christmas music and movies. So i wanna know. Where are you guys at. have you Dipped your toe into the christmas music scene senior. Gosh note i moved it from today's hit radio 93.7 to the magic. So you're listening whenever it comes on whenever it comes because when i crank on the car and then typically i switched over to apple carplay so very short amount. So what is it that made you say krankl in the car. Well there's this heard on and crank up. no. I cranked on crank it on. How would you crank cranky. Can't crank it up. You know crank it on you turn it on. Crank it up so you listen to it for like a half. A second before car play gets plugged in. If it's a real bobble keep it on. So this isn't like Perry keep this is a true story. I'm out taking the trash cans to the road Yesterday and your wife drives by. She says hey rolls down the window. And says hey. And there's christmas music blaring. You're not in the car. And she says we sit. Christmas music blame brandon and drives off and i was just like this is an okay like let's let's just have a little bit of decorum here like just a little bit. It's november second for crying out loud first of all. It's not november since november fourth. This happened it was november. Second with me. Tuesday november second day. Yeah i don't get what you're getting at to be honest with you what you hang giving songs magic is your magic is your preset station. Switch to switch to few months back paticipating. It wasn't that. I i don't remember why i switched it. Actually but it's just. I think i think you probably because of the christendom clemson game on the radio and it's been on the sports talk ever since. Oh i know. I plug injured auto like this until sports talk is back. We have a lot of great things and yeah that greenville. Our local sports talk is not one of them real bad. That's true real bullshit. Come as no surprise i am. You're all full swing full saying i'll get there. I love christmas music. Big fan do about thirty days. Worth is perfect. I'll get there though i promise. Okay no that's fine. That's fine You mentioned that greenville. I love yet agreeable. And i posted a video yesterday because they're setting up our ice skating. They're setting up. We'll set it up. It's a week off next week. Freezing cold today. Yeah real anytime. The highest forty eight in november. Which is what it was here on thursday. It's gonna be a tough tough winter. I hope so. I love it. What do you hear that. Hurt your bones. Cnn that aren't gonna to make it because of an early freeze. Why is it going to be tough winter for what happens between me and my crops. My business Said that before. I've not honor that Also speaking of fun. Christmas things university. Uh-huh is announcing their holiday box next week. We'll talk about that Maybe we'll do it on boss. Have you guys are asking code already forgetting. We're getting mayor. Glenn get the subscription but the holiday boxes come. That's the big day very excited about that. Israel dive into the christmas promise. I would love to talk about. can't wait. It's our homework movies and mysteries movie the weekend at originally on october thirtieth twenty twenty one and a went a little something like this nicole owns a toy store and she claims that she knows santa personally. She owns to store with her fiance. Which is a bold move to own something that serious with a fiance. They call each other future husband and future wife because i guess some people might find that adorable and not irritating. They're also renovating a house and planning on starting a family together. They kiss under the mistletoe. Real middleton fake fake stuff that you see everywhere. I think at ten an ugly christmas sweater at susan's house. Susan sweater is a delight. We can all on the absolutely Susan rosen ugly. Christmas sweater every year. It's a big deal in nicole and henry. They wear matching sweaters of course because he got two and the party runs out of ice now. Henry has turned down some bevy. She's so we know he's safe to drive. And so when the ice runs out. He's like guys. I got this one covered. I got this covered. He gets in his car and he goes off to shot not not quite gunshot. Knock wait do we know for a fact. Noel have been a gun. Shot a gun shot. I think it was a gunshot. This is such an interesting time to do this bit. He was out there.

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