Author Doug Giles Recounts a Harrowing Lion Hunting Experience


Is always. Especially exciting when I have on Doug Giles, GI LES, he's a maniac, I consider that a compliment, a high compliment, my friend, Doug Giles, welcome. Eric how are you doing big dog? You are you're too much, and I say that in the good sense, meaning exactly the right amount. Behind you, I see a mounted Lion, which I believe you sent into glory with your own gun. Is that what happened? Yeah, I was fortunate to hunt this line back in 2015 right before doctor Palmer shot Cecil the lion and thank God, man, that I got it before the importation ban on lions from Africa. So this thing came to kill me. I know some of my enemies wish that it would have and we shot him nearly a point blank range with an old German double rifle in Eric. I'm telling you what that leaves memory burn. And when David said he killed a lion with his bare hands, I'm kind of thinking, you know what? I might call stair core Tori as the Latin would say, or as the Greeks, you know, hailing from your heritage. They might call that scuba lawn because I can't imagine trying to kill one of these big dog with bare hands. You have to have some kooky anointing of the Holy Spirit. I always assumed when David said that, that he was talking about with a sling. I just assumed that. It doesn't matter. Lions are scary and the line behind you. Now, when you say came to kill you, I mean, you were hunting lions. Is that correct? I mean, you weren't just like sleeping and stepping back in your own business and it came to kill you. And it was self defense, but close enough. Yeah, no, we were stalking him. We found a kudu that he had killed about three 30 in the morning. And you wanted to revenge because a friend of yours knew that kudu has a child? Exactly. His name was Bert, I think. And so we had to take revenge on him, but anyway, we found him about after tracking four or 5 miles, and he was tired of our stuff. And so he decided to see what these skinny white boys from America had to offer. And it was an incredible altercation. We got it on video. I'll never post it in public because Zuckerberg and Peter will have an absolute heart attack. But it's not for the faint of heart, brother. That's

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