A highlight from You, Me & The Christmas Trees (Hallmark Channel - 2021) - Feat. Kristoffer Polaha & Alonso Duralde

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It is rolling everybody. Five five-seater i ever five-seater first-ever five-seater noted. No we had two students join us one time technically a five seater but this is the premiere of season four. I see that hands chris miserable. No i'm just. I'm just lifting up boys man. I i sewed. This feels nice because the very first episode of decked hallmark broadcast was about. I believe on christmas and so now here. We are the beginning of season four trite. It feels like i'm home. Y'all he's a little bit bigger now. It feels like i'm home. Yeah and you order you are on because you are in yeah that greenville south carolina who are not on the line. You're yeah that greenville. This is real. This is real usual. It's not just any old little city. We got our own little hallmark town here. And yeah that. Greenville chris near here. I'm here you go downtown. Torn all main street. It's lit up with christmas. Is you could chop some wood. We should do that after we do. A really relying on main street here. We're gonna may may knocks mayor. Knox y right exactly. I mean i love having tangible. Chris here live better tangible chris so good and i will just because he offered and i don't want to. I also like this is where we're all in same room here because we're doing. The cat are marathon alonzo is here from two. La people in the same room and we said the only way that we will you guys can meet is to come across the country green. That's exactly right and he did getting around. La is too difficult. Just fly on across the country on everyone that wrote our book here in one room. And this today. Wow we do is today. What's is today the premier tomorrow tomorrow. Monday of claes monday. Yeah so tomorrow. The book that all five of us wrote that we're on the cover of. It's going to be out tomorrow in stores barnes and noble target walmart on your local bookstore on amazon going. Get the book as a look at it right now. It's amazing yeah. We will all be together again tomorrow. Because we're doing a little. Celebratory thing tomorrow night seven thirty. Pm with word bookstore you'll be able to livestream it's five dollars and that five dollars can also be used to buy a copy of the book so if you're gonna pay to get any might as well just buying the copy. We'll do it so there. You guys talk kristen and doing a little dramatic reading. He's going to dramatic reading. It's right to be or not to be christian. That's you're walking but it's good. Give me a watkins. My favorite walking. Yeah then a little earlier. You insulted me. That's the rumor that's a rumor might hurt later on a love it. I love it. You imagine if i attacked dan. Oh man on his way to his car he leaves he leaves to from you. Chris leaves after recording this but he just hangs out outside the park and club clock. Chris when are you gonna use your connections to treat williams on you know what i bet you. I bet treat. let's dream. I treat williams. I bet you right now has a movie coming out december. He's got christmas house to house to williams just wrapped up. Jesse will short season six. I will say. Chris has texted treat before with the for us and asked us. But you have anything coming out and so he said i'd like to do something at some point. I mean this is the time this is the land live every moment. Walla christmas texting Treat williams on our behalf couple of is really exciting things. We've a teamed up with filo again very excited about that all season long Twenty five percent off for two months lasting you all the way through the holiday season all the christmases you want. So much fun. Felony besides every all the channels lifetime the up deck of them. They're all all of your holiday. Movie hubs be hut is exactly what they said the entire holiday season. Do it for just over thirty bucks. Total it is amazing unlimited. Dvr it's unbelievable. They're giving away and we've got an experience that filo today watching all day getting experience. Yeah that greenville today. some of the restaurants. We've been ordering food from here the local here and also we've experienced universally. They sent us so much snacks from indonesia. All of it's amazing. I had some. What were those stir fry noodle flavored potato chip. It was crazy good bonkers. I had some peach rings that were out of this world deca crepes. The banana and chocolate box comes your hands every month. It has been a really. It's been a really great way to kick off. I mean come on titling. And i'll say this guy's the doesn't at all leads up to the perfect way to kick off the holiday season which is me and the christmas tree. The pre pre all watched it which was really excited to talk about yesterday. He has already breakdown. Chris is trying to get a snack and listen to this real quick. That's good the people that don't like that are really not going to like it but the people that do there's lot what's that what's that thing called people are going to love that. Yep you me. And the christmas trees originally on october twenty second twenty twenty one and a win a little something like this. We meet little olivia. Who loves trees. She loves tree so much that she'd aside. She's going to be a tree doctor. Then we within meet jack. He owns a christmas tree. Lot and bad news for everyone that that that this year's crop it's trash trash crop. He's seven refund. Everybody and i don't know much about christie but that seems like bad business This has been in the family for one hundred years. It feels like he's just blowing it at this point. He's real stressed about. Apparently olivia supposed ago. Get married this holiday season. She's not doing anymore kocarnik. Quincy's but she doesn't really wanna to talk about it. She doesn't wanna talk about what happened. She just wants to get christmas over with She is supposed to go home for christmas but she's not excited about that either because she doesn't feel like christmas with their families like it just feels like you know. Here's what we're doing. No no hard in it no heart so when she gets a call from a guy named conner who is saying. Hey i need you to come. Look at my trash trash crop. She jumps at the opportunity to avoid her family to help trees. Connor ends up hitting her car in the town square. That's how they meet so she asked to stay there overnight which was not the original plan. But she's fine with it because she hates her family. She slips She slips on down to the end. Christmas party talks to connor day. Start having some fun banter the pentatonic show up and they sing some christmas. I'm the next day she goes to check out the tree and it and it's perfect. It's beautiful but a couple of days. That tree's dead. What's going on with this so she doesn't test. She didn't make some cocktails with some trees in the cocktail. Apparently it's good decides to stay another night. It's just got to figure this thing out. They end up getting a tree cutting cutting it down from the from the belo's scooping it out. They lay in the snow for low bit israel. Romantic they keep doing tasks waiting there hanging out the baking. 'cause you know you got to. Sometimes they are really dig at each other. She's trying to convince him to diversify is companies seeing as how

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