A highlight from 2021 Netflix Christmas Preview #2 (Feat. Alonso Duralde & Jacks)

Deck The Hallmark


Alonzo and netflix. Tv christmas things means more paul improve. So i'm definitely down for that. And this omar makes exciting a everybody. They said the homework boys and girls now. They're not gonna do multiple net flicks shows. Are they Yeah we are because that's where we are and very exciting because we don't get this over on the hallmark. We don't get this over on the lifetime. We've got christmas tv series multiple episodes now last year. Jacks you heard us. You heard lonn. I alluded this. But there was a program called the dash and lilly last year. I was on netflix. And it was an absolute delight sublime and bring it back for a second season. I'm crushed by this alonzo. Where were you when you heard. The new dutch lilley was not being renewed. Well i'm pretty sure. I was home because i've been home since like beginning of august or so But it was definitely a crushing blow. And i had to go straight to the the double deckers on on on facebook because i knew they would share my pain in this and yes this is know i. It was such a lovely little. You know it was a fun romance but such a great kind of like new york at christmas bauble. You know That i'm really mad at coming back however would love this show you this. Who's in i'll google it dance that i'm channeling panda all the time. I don't know who are in things. And i laugh so i'd i forget everyone's name involved in the show but it's super charming. It's based on hawaii novel Minute christmas whole that is left in. My heart will have to be filled by hawkeye on disney. Plus christmas on an mc. You budget. and i'm very excited about that. Let's talk about this. Because i not in. This does look darling. Sorry i love her. Brad converse i will be watching this talk about it another. You'll you'll become quite familiar with the red converse. Oh yeah they're they're plot point reply and so. I don't care about marvel really at this point in my life. I feel like a little over it and not only that i especially don't care about hawkeye and yet and yet that trailer with the christmas and the marvel and the it was all working for me. Oh yeah so much christmas in that trailer hawk is probably the least interesting of the entire kenny characters.

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