Rep. Ilhan Omar Blames 'Dysfunctional' Police for Minneapolis Violent Crime Spike


Ilhan Omar is back at it again. You know she's been kind of quiet lately over all this defunding the police nonsense that she engages in, but she's back and she's blaming the increase in crime in Minnesota on the police. She thinks it's the cops fault. That people are shoplifting. She told her constituents Saturday at a town hall meeting that the rise in gun violence in Minneapolis and the increase in carjackings is due to the police they have chosen she said not to fulfill their oath of office and provide the public safety. They owe to the citizens. Now, this is rich coming from her. She goes from wanting to defund the police to blame in the police for not being responsive enough as people are getting murdered and their cars getting jacked in Minneapolis. That's the left.

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