CRT Might Just Be the Turning Point Conservatives Needed


The left is freaking out because we are finally starting to post some W's some wins in the culture war Again let's not be dramatic We shouldn't start cracking the champagne We've taken a number of losses We still have ground miles of ground to get back But the tide is turning I'm telling you CRT I said it months ago Didn't I gym on the show I forget who we were talking to was a guest And I said isn't this my was Michael Knowles So don't you feel like this is a turning point And Mike was like yeah you know I do I feel like once you go to a parent and you say we're gonna teach your kid how to be a racist okay And how to hate his classmates based on skin color that parents in this great country where we don't do that garbage You're gonna be like no no I'm not doing that And you would think that would be refreshing to left this But leftists are bigots So it's not refreshing They're annoyed that they can't teach your kids to be

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