Andrew McCabe Wins Full Pension, Despite Misleading FBI Investigation About Clinton Emails


All right let me dig into this movie script thing because I find it fascinating And here's why I'm talking about it now Article in the Washington examiner today Former FBI official Andrew mccabe wins a full pension Back in his wrongful termination lawsuit settlement Andrew mccabe was one of the central key figures in both the spying operation on Donald Trump and the failed fake investigation into Hillary Clinton and her emails Andrew mccabe was terminated by Jeff Sessions this week before weeks before retirement Folks again Andrew mccabe again is a deep deep embedded like a tick member of the elitist D.C. swamp So Andrew mccabe is a member Jim of the protected class producer Jim He is a member of the protected class He does not live in the America you do So Andrew mccabe gets fired and rightfully so because he is knee deep embedded like a tick and the skin of the spygate scandal So he gets a lawyer and now incredibly he managed to get his job back So according to Byron New York what I saw on Twitter Andrew mccabe is now they expunge any record of him being fired Listen to this folks you want to get pissed off He got $200 in back pen 200 excuse me $200,000 I wish it was $200 $200,000 in back pension payments He got 500,000 in legal fees He got an honorary pair of FBI cufflinks This is not a joke This is not the Bible on B he got a retirement plaque and his records were now erased Despite Andrew mccabe being investigated by the inspector general for knowing and intention knowingly and intentionally I'm quoting the report They're misleading FBI investigators about his role in the Hillary Clinton email

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