Liberal Media Won't Admit Florida Is Successfully Battling COVID


One one Here's something You will not hear from so many people you will not hear from CNN John Avalon who is a talentless know nothing You will not hear from D lamone You will not hear from whilst Fredo Cuomo Andrea Mitchell Brian Williams Tell gunner Bryant Eugene Robinson You know the whole host of miscreants malcontents and radicals In what is that How come flirt is not in the news How come governor desantis isn't in the news From the daily wire Florida rate of COVID infections third lowest in the United States last week By my calculation that means 47 states in the district at Columbia were higher How come Joe Biden hasn't mentioned Ron DeSantis in Florida Is the summer season has ended in the hot temperatures start to subside writes Hank beren all across southern states encouraging more people to be outside rather than inside together in the air conditioning the rate of COVID-19 infections in Florida has plunged so rapidly So rapidly that it has the third fastest descent in rates of cases in the nation over the last two weeks trailing only Alabama and Hawaii According to The New York Times chart yesterday Florida's case rate per 100,000 people over the last week was 13 13 Out of a 100,000 Third only behind kinetic in Hawaii which both had 11

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