Todd and Caller Chris Discuss The Problem With Relaxed Crime Legislation


Tennessee. Let's go to the phones. Call your bell Tennessee. Chris listening to us on kw our flagship station. Chris, what's on your mind today? Thank you for taking my call, Todd. I just wanted to point out in your old assertion about crime. You also have a problem. It's not just the city councils. It's not just the mayor and things like that. It's your district attorney. It's your attorney for the region. Also these weak prosecutors and the week very, very weak prosecuting attorney. You got to throw the gauntlet down at some point. So the responsibility is also in those people to go to the state and say, look, you have relaxed crime legislation. We want to make it harder. You need your DA and your prosecutors and people like that to step up to the state and say, we want harsher penalty. Whatever happened to three strikes you're out. So it's not, you know, you really got to look at the people that are in play. And that includes your district attorneys and your regional attorneys and like I said, prosecutors and judges. I mean, this thing of slapping people on the wrist. I mean, here in Shelby county, you know very well Todd. They don't even prosecute kids who are down at Tom Lee park a few years ago who were outright robbing people because they said, well, we don't want to clog up the juvenile system. No, I remember that. Yeah. Yeah, I remember that, Chris, and I'm curious as a citizen here. I mean, look, if I were a member of the black community, I would be enraged because overwhelmingly, this is a black on black crime issue, and it is, I mean, it is dangerous in the city for everybody, but especially the black

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