What's Wrong With CNN's Ratings


Morning glory America bonjour high cannon. I'm you good inside the bellway joined by Byron York of the Washington examiner he's also you see him on Fox News. Good morning, Byron. How are you? Good morning, Hugh doing well, thanks. Our mutual friend Joe concha. Ten hours ago, put out the Friday night ratings of cable. Now, I don't normally pay attention to the cable ratings, but I've started to appear on Brett bear special report. And I know you work over there. I've left NBC. And I'm curious the only CNN program no CNN program broke 307 100,000 viewers on Friday. None. Every hour of this show has more than 700,000 listeners Byron. I can not believe this. What has happened there? Well, yeah, it's interesting. Joe had retweeted a Twitter site that sends out a lot of the cable news ratings. And the ratings for Friday night were really not all that unusual. 9 out of the top ten programs were Fox News. Number 6 was the Rachel maddow show on MSNBC. Sometimes there are two MSNBC shows in the top ten, but that's a pretty accurate picture of what it looks like all the time. The highest rated, the highest rated CNN show was 27 Anderson Cooper's show. At 8 p.m., that's been the same for quite a long time, usually the highest. When Chris Cuomo was there the highest rated CNN show was maybe 24th. I've always wondered and I have to say, I haven't done any reporting. I haven't looked into this. But I've always wondered why CNN doesn't want to do better. I mean, Byron. Ratings are the measurement of your success.

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