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Objects. That discovery outshines the famous Sutton hoo burial ship, which had only offered up 37 coins to archeologists. By comparison, the massive scale of the lava tube treasure surpasses it all by far. We can start to make sense of that though when we realize just how long it took the hoarders to work their stockpile. It was the work of generations. You see, once archeologists started dating the objects they unearthed from the horde. They found that the oldest was placed there nearly 7000 years ago. In other places, they might not have survived. It was the extremely dry conditions of the lava tube that preserve them. But they're not just old. The most recent items date to about the middle of the 1600s. That means that to create this underground collection in the darkness of the lava tube, it wasn't just the work of generations, but the work of millennia. Not that it's a treasure that would attract anyone though because this is slightly unusual for a horde. It wasn't gold or coins, or even an ancient ship. It was a burial mound though. That's right. The collection was a horde of bones. They were densely packed into the lava tube, stretching away into the darkness. And as the researchers started to pull them out, test their ages, catalogued them and take notes. They began to see that this bone hoard contained pieces from over 14 different species and included the bones of cows, camels, horses, rodents, and a lot more. The study got really serious though when they checked the bones from markings. Sure, they found cuts, and maybe that's what you'd expect, but they also found the marks of teeth. These bones had been chewed. Some were even partially digested. That tells us that these bones weren't just a burial mound for the dead. And here's the thing. It wasn't like these were just the bones of cows and goats. Know what the researchers found gave them a chill. Because some of the bones were human. In fact, it's human skull fragments that were found among the other nod bones. But what archeologists guess about these skulls is even more gruesome than that. If we go by their best guess, they think these skulls were scavenged from graves. After the bodies of the dead were buried, someone from the clan of hoarders came through, sniffed them out and dug them up. Then they lugged them back to the lava tunnel where they added them to a treasure trove. After they gave those skulls a good chew, of course. And one of the archeologists even suggested that these skullcaps with tooth marks are the only thing to survive because the hoarders chewed the rest to splinters. The pieces of skull, candy, only survive because they didn't taste quite as good. All of that would be truly horrifying if the family packing the lava tube with bones for 7000 years was human. But as you may have guessed by now, this family was something else. No, the builders of this massive treasure trove weren't people, but hyenas striped hyenas that is. These days, they're a threatened species, but they used to be a mainstay of the region. So breathe a sigh of relief. But to me, the fact that it's a family of hyenas passing on the work of a major treasure trove from parent to child, that makes 7000 years of stockpiling skeletons, all the more impressive. This episode was made possible by the deadbolt mystery society. Are you a connoisseur of murder mysteries? Do you love the thrill of unraveling the clues, then the deadbolt mystery society is a great way to bring the mystery to life in your own home. The deadbolt mystery society is a monthly subscription box filled with a storyline of immersive scenarios intriguing characters and original compelling stories, and it's all delivered right to your door. Each box features interactive online components that bring each story to life, like puzzles, evidence, and interviews. According to BuzzFeed, it's the closest you'll get to fulfilling your dream of becoming Sherlock Holmes. The deadbolt mystery society boxes contain stand-alone stories, so you don't need to have multiple orders to compete your murder mystery storyline, and you can also choose from three 6 or 12 month subscription options for a greater discount. Ready to prove your skills, visit deadbolt mystery society dot com to get started. When you do be sure to use the promo code cabinet 20 and you'll save 20% on all subscription options plus single one time boxes. That's 20% off all subscription options plus single one time boxes at deadbolt mystery society dot com. Offer code

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