A highlight from Is Scoot Henderson the best prospect in the world? Emoni Bates/Memphis early struggles; Gonzaga-Duke; more


Fassini. We are presented by the athletic today on the show. We are going to dive deep into some NBA draft stuff that has happened over the course of the last week. Weekend, I don't know. Matt penny is here penny, what's going on, man? Doing great. I love this little midweek early week podcast, I started good games with doctor this week and still a lot of stuff to talk about. This is an important podcast because you and I are actually looking at each other right now. We're doing video. Hopefully to go out live. I don't know if this will end up just being a test. If you don't see this video, we sucked on camera clearly. I think let's take away. Yeah, we're still trying to figure out what we're gonna do here in terms of video basically. Probably up on YouTube in some regard at the very least we will have clips going out. But it's good. It's good to see your face. It's good to see the inside of a bathroom in Boston. Yeah, I lock myself in. I'm in a hotel. This is a bathroom behind me. It is nice. This is like the next level of confirming. We're not catfishing each other, and it's true. It doesn't like Disney Disney villain voice modulation. You should have been dealing with via the Internet for the last two, three years, so yeah, we're this is closest in the flesh as we've gotten to this point, which is exciting. This is a dream. This is what we're looking for. Okay, the docket today, we're gonna talk about the scoot Henderson breakout in the G league, which is finally occurred over the last week. We're gonna talk Dyson Daniels Jaden hardy, Marshawn beauchamp, Michael foster, as soon as we're done with scoot, then we're going to move to Memphis imani Bates, jaylen Duran, we're going to talk a little bit about the Gonzaga, duke game that occurred over the weekend, I guess. It was Friday. The holiday days blend together, don't that. It did. Someone had a good post. It felt like Sunday for like four days, which was fine. Like the actual Sunday scaries didn't hit till actually Sunday, but yeah, we lost we lost all sense of time throwing those four days. See, the problem for me is that I don't have a sense of time to begin with because I'm in Australia living on my schedule. Right. So I don't know what day it is most days and then Thanksgiving hits, which isn't a holiday in Australia. And we do it anyway because we are like my wife is half American and I'm American and her father's American. So we have a nice little day, but I mean, it's been rough trying to get back to schedule. I do give credit to you, though, because for all, but the time difference is in alternating daylight savings. I think we've messed up once in terms of, hey, it's tomorrow 8 versus whatever it is. So for you to be able to navigate that, I don't think twice. You say like, hey, it's four o'clock, 8 o'clock. I just show up and start talking nonsense. But you've been on a game. So you gotta give yourself credit for that anyway. With the calendars four baby you have a clock you just watch on that just has like California time you work off that. Seriously, I do. I literally have my computer set to California time. It says right now that it's what I think it's like one 30. Sure. California, yeah. So yeah, what a mess my life is over here in terms of work. But I get done with watching tape around 5 o'clock and I get to watch movies like king Richard right after and that was a strange little strange little movie that I watched. At the end. It is. It's on my list. Yeah. Okay. Let's talk about scoot. The G league has is doing like this weird kind of like showcase schedule season because I think that the G league is kind of trying to navigate COVID in the way that it best can in order to get guys prepared for call ups to make the league ignite situation work. And because of an injury, scoot Henderson just hadn't played really for the ignite all that often. He has started to get real minutes and over the course of the last week he's played three games. He played the Santa Cruz warriors and then they played a back to back against the Stockton kings over the weekend and on Monday. Screw Henderson in that game against Santa Cruz, dropped 31 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists. In the first game, it gets docked and he had 23 points ten rebounds, 6 assists in the game last night against talk to me at 27.8 rebounds four assists. Screw Henderson is dominating the G league right now. And those numbers like they somehow understate what it feels like watching him on the court. It also understates his impact because he is coming off the bench for this. I didn't watch I didn't watch him today, but I looked at the box score and I was watching clips and said, this sucker's still come off the bench. Good for him, but he's been the spark plug off the bench where they're down to 20 that all send their back in it because of that momentum shift he's able to do. Literally what happened in the Santa Cruz game. Like they were down, I think it was like 57 38 or something. They put scoot in.

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