A highlight from Mind-Altering Drugs, Plant Medicines & Psychedelics In The Old Testament, How Altered States of Consciousness Can Enhance Spiritual Experiences & Much More With Danny Nemu.


On this episode of the Ben Greenfield fitness podcast. Very clear example of the oil immediately producing some kind of the entrance of the spirit of this character. And it's being affected by two different chemicals or two different resins which are burnt in what's called the debir, which is related to the word word, and the angels would speak to the high priest, and he would speak through words. There's no reason why you need to take drugs to get closer to God. But there is every reason why you should leave other people alone who want to do that. Hell. Performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and much more. My name is Ben Greenfield. Welcome to the show. So I got some cool tell you. Now it's podcast is brought to you by keon. My favorite solution for energy and performance and recovery and health as a matter of fact I just made a cake. A key on cake. I'll tell you about it with colostrum cream frosting. I use coconut cream for the frosting. The filling was coconut flour and pumpkin pie puree and vanilla whey protein smooth creamy delicious clean grass fed grass finished protein, the frosting was stevia, and vanilla flavoring and a little bit of cinnamon and wonderful creaming gut nourishing colostrum. So anyways, all this stuff from

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