A highlight from #191 Lara Eisenberg: 2021 WSOP Gold Bracelet Winner


As always, this is your host, the founder of chasing poker greatness dot com, coach Brad, Wilson, and if you've been wondering why I haven't been releasing as many episodes as normal, that's because we're dealing with this Thanksgiving thing and then we got Christmas going, oh yeah, the WSOP has sucked all of the poker players in the entire universe into one location for a couple of months. So we've slowed down. We've taken a little break. My plan is that in January to fire back up on all cylinders, get things going in the way that they usually do. Today, my guest on CPG just took down the one K ladies championship at this year's aforementioned WSOP to win her first of what I hope to be many gold bracelet, Laura eisenberg. If you were to grab a pen and paper and start listing the qualities of high achievers, it's quite likely Laura would have all the qualities. Discipline, she's a medicine Doctor Who's been practicing for over 20 years. Courageous, one of her all time favorite hobbies is skydiving. Brilliant in just a few moments, you'll be able to judge this quality for yourself. So in today's show with Laura, you're going to learn the story about the time she jumped out of a plane on a blind date and fell in love, Laura's origin story into the world of cards, a rundown of her recent WSOP victory, and much, much more. So now without any further ado, it is my honor and privilege to bring to you a top shelf poker player and amazing human being, the one and only Dr. Laura eisenberg. Laura, welcome to chasing poker greatness how you doing this morning. Doing great. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, it's my pleasure and hat tip. To mister binkley for telling me yo, you gotta have this, you gotta have her on. She's just took down the ladies of it. Yeah, I didn't realize he was so connected. I made him a happy man last week, so. Yeah, he's been in greatness village for a while now. I think he's bought every CPG product. He's one of my best customers. Yeah, so we'll get to your recent victory and congratulations again. But let's talk about the journey that led up to your recent WSOP bracelet. What is your origin story into the world of poker look like? Sure. It's a long story. And I'm sure there are some people like me, but it's going to make me sound super nerdy at the same time. So I was a PC gamer. Yeah, I don't want to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure 96% of my audience are complete nerds. Yeah, so I started out in PC gaming and I was getting the latest PC setup and all that stuff and was literally watching the news one night and the commercial came on, probably for poker stars and it's like play poker on the Internet and I went, what? People are playing poker for money. You can actually do this on the Internet. And I couldn't believe it. And I was like, well, I literally had never played a panda poker ever, but I was like, I'm sure there's books, right? You can figure out how to do this. And then I'm not going to play PC games anymore. And I immediately went out and it was like harington and it was all Dan and malmuth and just pick up all the books and start reading it. It was all limit hold them. And I just started reading everything I could get my hands on. Can we go back a little bit and I'm gonna break a social taboo because I like setting the timeline for these things. This seems to be around like 2005 ish, maybe 2006. Yeah, the moneymaker year was what 2000. Four, three, four. Okay. I think for that would have been right around there. Yeah. It was right after that it happened, because everything had exploded. And how old were you? How old were you in this time? And what did that's the social taboo breaking? I think all over the thing, I'm 53 right now. So that would have been, I guess I was, does that make me 43, 33? No, that's 16 years ago. 16 years ago. Okay. So I was like mid 30s. Late 30s? Yeah. Yeah. So what were you doing in your career? And I'm guessing gaming was just a hobby, right? Absolutely. Yeah. So I went straight from high school into a three year college and then four year med school track and then I started out in surgery for years, switched to radiology, did a fellowship in abdominal imaging stuff and then went straight into practice in the Washington D.C. area. So I've been in practice for quite a while. And then just I always liked the computer games. From the very beginning as everything started evolving from the zork days on I was totally hooked on computer games. And tell me, tell me about growing up. You know, this is kind of an interesting combination of healer slash gamer. Did you know that you're going to be a healer growing up? Was that your dream? And then what role did games or competition play? Yeah, it's funny. I actually remember being a kid and they had the little plastic doctor bags that you could get and there was like the nurses bag. There was a doctor's bag. And I was always like, oh, I'm gonna be a doctor. And I don't know why where the idea even came from, but I thought that's just what I thought I was going to do from the time I was like 5. And so I did. And I've always been just very competitive, but I'm never been very good at physical sports, like skydiving was my one actual physical sport, but most of the stuff I've done like I played pool competitively and before skydiving. It's always been stuff where it's not like super athletic. I feel fits the bill. We're gonna touch on skydiving because that peaks my interest. And I imagine bad skydivers. I don't know exactly what that looks like but it probably doesn't look good. How the heck did you get into skydiving and what is like being good at skydiving mean besides not splatting on the ground? Yeah, so I have a vision or memory, I guess, of being a kid and going to an air show. So it was probably the golden knight's army parachute team that was there doing some demonstration. And I just remember being a little kid, probably 5 or 6, and looking at

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