Kirk Cameron Tells Us About the American Campfire Revival


Me bought some talking to my friend Kirk Cameron, Kirk. We love you. You just cheer me up seeing you. You were just bringing something up. I had wanted to be in Plymouth for this past weekend. I wasn't able to do it. But tell us about this. This is so it's just so wonderful. Anybody who hasn't visited that monument, oh my goodness, go ahead. So this is a monument that was the cornerstone was laid in the people of Massachusetts and it was finished in 1889 and president Abraham Lincoln was one of the original contributors to the building of this monument, and it was made to be the monument that told us everything that we needed to know about what made this the Pinnacle nation of the world, the Beacon of freedom and justice for all. And it's what we need to get back to if we want to maintain it. It's called the national monument to the forefathers and this last weekend was the very first of 7 nights of revival under the stars that I'm hosting. It's called the American campfire revival. And it really is sort of springboarded out of that first hundred days during the new administration's run of executive orders. And I thought rather than us just being on the defense, why don't we download the executive orders from heaven, the mandates from above and start running those plays and see what happens. And I made a campfire in my backyard for a hundred nights in a row. It's called the American campfire revival. There it is. Oh my gosh. There are sweatshirts. I love this. And so people would gather online in my backyard around a campfire and we would begin learning the history of our America. Not the 1619 version, but the actual true untold story of our forefathers who covenanted with their creator and applied his word to subdue tyranny and build institutions that would create

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