Eric and John Zmirak Talk All Things Atheism


I'm talking to John's Merrick. What more do you need to know? John, what's on your mind? Well, I was writing about the subject of atheism and of course I thought about your book and I wanted to write something about it. An argument that's always bothered me. And you sum it up very well in the book is atheism dead. But you don't go into the depth of refuting it because you can't do everything, okay? You talk about biblical archeology and cosmology and biology. Well, this is a piece of epistemology that the atheist consistently slipped past us in what I can only describe as a con game. And I've got a piece going live at stream called atheism is a con game like selling the Brooklyn Bridge, okay? Okay, now you're not kidding. You're being funny, but there are many things, look in my book by no means do I refute atheism at every pass. I'm just trying to make some points. But this point, which you make is very important to understand that what atheism is often atheists often say is simply not logical, even though they often say, we believe in logic. We believe in reason. So, okay, so talk about that a little bit more. Some of the most prominent atheists out there are what you would call materialists where they don't believe that the mind has any existence independent of the brain. The mind is simply the side effect of brain neurons firing. It's just a side effect. The way a shadow is a side effect of light. The shadow is not real. It's a side effect of light. Our feeling that we have a self that we have a mind that we have free will. All these things are illusions, created by the reality and the reality is neurons going ping ping showing each other in a chemical soup that is our brains that does not have access to truth with the capital T it's simply a device for a trousered ape to survive and reproduce. That's it. We emerged as a result of the random mutations and natural selection and there's nothing about our brain that reflects some greater truth. It's just a survival machine.

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