A highlight from South Beach Love (Hallmark Channel - 2021)

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This is this is why we have to stick to the script because if not we turn a laugh into what amounts to a sixty second. Bit that no one needed. You don't know that. I actually just heard from john christie. He needed it he needed. Christie did yes man. Good for him. John chris christie called and said no no goes very interesting. Christie's are divided on our show divided on our show. That's right well as long as your last days not christie movement. Now i'm so there was actually an email welcome detect homework. Did that thing again with the video. Yeah well you think it's for everybody you're just for the people watching live on the double dot com do this. Let's just do this. I'll go back and do that. One of the things that i got an email about was. Hey do you guys Believe in aliens Are you gonna do that somersaults. Adventure that you guys do. Every couple of years a second and then also how was your weekend. Yeah no that's uncertain on the alien search our own somersault. Though i can tell you somersault can go can kick rock. Oh all day. Long i was. I was out on aliens until Blink one eight to kind of got me back in really. I was out on aliens. And i'm still out on aliens. You haven't done your own research on that and you think that helps to do your own research. Listen to go has given me all the useful. Listen to the professionals. You should do your own research. All of the professionals say that yes. It's very likely that there's there's intelligent life out there once again. We've done this so many times and we've known each other for almost a decade. I'm not saying there is a zero percent chance of extraterrestrial life. Not what i'm saying. I'm saying that the chances are smaller than there are being one. The changes are smaller. Th there you have let smaller the chances of aliens existing or the chances of chances making me. Hey what's i'll tell you what's a smaller chance of both of those things us an actual fall movie this year so town house romance is more likely crisper in crisper. Every is the fact that that movie is going to be the best one movie fall has been an interesting thing deeper. We get into fall the less fall there is that the screen hotter it looks interesting the hotter it looked spicy down in miami but also the two leads good gracia like oh my talk about spice we have one more. Formerly left's fall movie. Yes and then it's christmas. What's more likely this last fall movie having some fall or us getting any more christmas information before countdown to christmas starts in eleven days ten days i call it a draw us getting more information. We're going to have to get something before it start. You think so. What's been the last fall movie. They actually it turns out to be a we're christian movie and they baptize the person in apple cider. Feels that right there is one looking for. Yeah interesting. It's a cider. The honest honest if you went to your church on sunday and they said we're doing a special baptism. We're going to use apple cider. Baptize you the name of the side of the donut man. I first of all time. Would you feeling would you be like. I think i gotta go back under like what did you do that i would. I would definitely get an extra charge as you go down and then back up to sip. Some in express meant that is very dangerous. Not sprinkle right immerse. Right note that i realized as i'm saying i could drop is better way to go out. You're you're a credo babs. You have to believe in the fall before you can no. Yeah it's a full fall. Soobee clear though the thing that is keeping you from being like by bapti my first baptism back in the day counted is apple cider. Yeah that is. That's the thing. I will say seems cost prohibitive to do that. Let's fall. Ill comes around once a year. Your for twenty five percent of the year. I wanna be clear. Okay all right so nine months you wait between false went okay. Seasons are each three months long by the equinoxes and whatnot. Yeah you get it. We're talking about south beach. Love today ami party in the city where the night on the beach to the bank done. Welcome to miami. On in scenario where you combining bienvenido keen senior. I actually don't know what they say bienvenido but they say where you only here in the neither at the end but it's bienvenida welcome on miami. Welcome to miami. It's just say they say it again. Welcome to miami. Welcome to miami. Yeah welcome to miami bienvenido miami. They're just saying in in heinisch interesting. Learn something new every day. Three white guys review hallmark. Well this one originally aired on. October ninth twenty twenty one and if you've been on social media's you're about to see hard work we. We brought a coach a linguistic coach. Yes a whole bit ready. Yes go originally went a little. Something originally went a little something. I i'm in my own head. This sarah is a chef. Who else allow trucks and she even a real shaft. That's what everyone's thinking about her. We'll find out because she's catering her nieces. Kim sierra keep going clear this because we worked on it though. I saw no not back now to be clear. This is her brother's daughter so cuban food isn't her specialty. Her specialty is irish. She's ira yes but she takes it on anyways. Then we meet tony tony. Tony also agrees to cook for his nieces. Kimsey nira america sarah. Tony used to date and their families used to be close. That's so much anymore. Because he didn't believe in food trump some then they find out that the king senior eras i was that that was great. Sounds more wisconsin to year. I hurt got a couple of Windows windows come over by the chemotherapy. When these cheese carrots coming out tonight kierra breath gravy rig over there cleanest place. That's right that's exactly right. Most of my wisconsin man's comedian. All olea um any who So they find out that they're happening at the same time same week. Same guests same. Same whole thing. So bad series

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