Jon Gruden Resigns as Raiders Coach Over Decade-Old Offensive Emails


John Gruden has always been kind of a wild child in the NFL always been a little bit of a loose cannon, if you will. And I believe he was also he was also the coach of the Oakland Raiders in like the 90s. And then he went to the Buccaneers and led them to the Super Bowl very complicated. But then he rejoined the Raiders in 2018 after he was an analyst on Monday Night Football. Do you remember those things he used to sit down with the quarterbacks? And it was like Gruden's corner. I've never been a big fan of Jon Gruden. I'll be very honest. One in 2002, that's right, my memory's not too bad. I'm not going to be an apologist for Jon Gruden. Okay? I'm sure he lives a complicated life like most people in the NFL. But this recent saga involving in his resignation slash termination is disgusting. And the national Football Association is in many different ways. In enterprise that is built on a House of Cards. The entire structure of how many of the teams are filed as nonprofits on how almost every stadium is built thanks to taxpayer dollars. There's a lot of corruption that exists in the national football, the National Football League. And so it came out a couple days ago that John Gruden is going to be fired, or it has to speak out for his racist and homophobic emails over ten years ago. And I shrugged my shoulders and I actually didn't know where this one was going to go. Because John Gruden signed a ten year 100 million dollar deal with the Oakland Raiders. And now so he technically resigned whatever he says, I have resigned as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. I love the Raiders and do not want to be distraction. Thank you to all the players coaches and staff and fan fans of raider nation. I'm sorry I never meant to hurt anyone, John Gruden. And so it was revealed in some of these emails. And based from what I've said, seen should have said something's probably not no, was he joking around in private in a context that none of us can understand? Yes. He incited Joe Biden, insulted Joe Biden I can't even say what he called Joe Biden on air. It's kind of hilarious. Called Roger Goodell, a certain name. I'm no fan of Roger Goodell. So if this whole thing is like a Roger Goodell, apology tour, but here's what really matters. Here's the question. In the National Football League, do they ever allow people to do bad things and continue to participate? Like murder. How about rate Ray Lewis and his legacy of the unsolved double murder? Or how about you remember this one? You remember ray rice, who literally punched his fiance in an elevator? It was an elevator, right? Which gained total notoriety following the indictment he was released by the ravens and suspended, and now rice would be reinstated after he successfully appealed the league's decision. And this whole thing with John Gruden is this question of should you be judged by things you have said in private ten years ago to destroy your current

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