Why Are There So Many Job Openings in America? Something's Not Adding Up


This. Hey, David, thanks for calling, why are there so many job openings still in America? 5000 job openings, a golden corral? Did you can you believe that? I appreciate time. Thank you. We appreciate all that you do. Thank you. It's all part of the plan. It's part of destroying America. Pay people to stay home. You know, in our schools, they got CRT and mask mandates and the injection. Inflation, look at the board. Look at Afghanistan. The food shortages barges out in the West Coast. They can't even land. It's all part of the plant to destroy American. If The White House don't step up soon, we're all going to be trouble. I mean, this is like this is like David. David, this is like a Hollywood movie. If you put a script together and said, how would you slowly but surely destroy the country, these are the policies that would be enacted. I mean, you're so right. Now, let's go back to your first point though about paying people to stay home. The unemployment, the pandemic unemployment benefits ended him over a month ago. So why aren't you go ahead programs after that? There's still programs after the helping people write less. It might not be clear for people to see, but there's still people out there getting money to do nothing. Yeah, but if you work, I don't know. If you work at a golden corral and you're making, you know, 14, $15 an hour, $17 an hour, maybe you get tips. You know, however that works, whatever the income is for people. And then you're paid to stay home for a year, I get it. All the unemployment, the key COVID era unemployment programs that were established by the cares act ended September 6th. People aren't getting paid anymore to stay home, so don't they have to go to work? Did people save enough? While they weren't working? I mean, something else is going on here. There's something that is not making sense.

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