The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh Discusses the Firing of Football Coach Jon Gruden


Matt Walsh from the daily wire Welcome back to the show Thanks for taking the time with us today We appreciate it Hey Dan thanks for having me Yeah you got it So Matt this situation with Jon Gruden the Las Vegas Raiders coach You know is this the new standard You're one of the best commentators out there on the ongoing culture war against us which we didn't ask for by the way I mean is this the new standard you send an email ten years ago with some crappy language in it I mean really if all of us had our emails from the last ten years disclosed publicly I mean we'd all be fired and part two of the question if I may You know they have a M and M Matt performing at the halftime of the Super Bowl show What do you think his emails Yeah Eminem we don't have to look at his emails and we just look at the lyrics that a song these performed for the public and millions of dollars and same for Dr. Dre snoop dog they're all performing And they're going to perform some of those very songs where they use the language that John Gruden just got fired for using And that's why I agree with you I mean look any of the people who are pretending to be offended by John Green's email I would encourage any of them I challenge any of them to just publish their Gmail password and let us comb through it We'll keep it in your loan go back farther than that I promise But let us look through ten years of messages and give us your text messages to have you never in ten years said one message send one message with a content Of course that's not the case And that's why we have to understand what's happening here with Jon Gruden This is prosecuting by mob tribunal a thought crime This is the problem is the thought that he express it's almost no different Like if the canceled mom I've had the ability the technology to actually literally read your mind They would eagerly do it and they would cancel you for things you haven't even said out loud There's only one step removed from that and canceling someone for a private email sent from their private email account to a friend who was not offended by it I mean it's the definition of a victimless

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