A Digital Paradigm Shift Through the Lens of Finance - Greg Cross Co-founder of Soul Machines on Virtual Humans and Interactive Animation - Voicebot Podcast Ep 230 - burst 11


I think of banking and finance is a good way includes the will becoming more transactional. Yeah when when. I grew up my mom and dad to go into the bank of reweight. Bank the patriot. Yo by that used to have to go to the bank every week. Get cash Yet this year that's long gone as many generations of technology that that have come along but is the bank managing you every single one of the customers by nice again Over time your so. We go through numerous now to the point where we'll right now and it what's happened in the code will in many parts of the world was young pool with you know seeing some of our big banking clients on a regular devices and people thought that pre cover that they had pretty high penetration rights of iran on smartphones. But guess what they went through the roof last year could banks because all of a sudden the banking completely Spliced retail bank The the the that that evolving competitive sh- paradigm shift between the banks and the digital banks and the traditional banks. We saw we actually is to become a stop become one So net will you. People have stopped yemen. This was something. I your head really thought about to be honest but i still into co own australian bank couple of weeks ago and Cash handling has plummeted one of the big reasons to have a retail retail branch which is cash handling a type of people. Don't wanna handle keishi anymore aside. We've move money as become eletronic Yeah and look. I obviously haven't traveled use the last twelve months. I mean in the in the us. Yo you can't go anywhere without a dollar bill but but literally The amount of cash physical cash in circulation this changing so these signs of some of the macro trends that again to emerge for of banking for retailing The consumer good as we stopped move forward into the future. I think of the rise of e-trade is an interesting example. Here before e-trade came up no one would think about buying stocks without a broker with. They had a personal relationship with charles. Schwab was popular. But you would call somebody place the order for you and what we see now is stock trading. There is no human behind it made if we look. Robin hood is sorta z. A perfect example of the next phase of that but you know obviously two generations past banking since then obviously with the kick in the pants from ed even accelerated that process which has been underway for twenty years. But i think you're drawing an interesting thesis here that every industry is going towards that same evolution. It's just the question is how far behind banking are they. Are they right behind banking and that they're going to this more high transactional relationship versus high relational interaction or are they. Are they a few years. Do they have a little time before. That really takes. Hold look I think every industry is every industry is having to think in in the in the world we live in today is having to figure out how mun digital impacts every aspect of business. Today i mean with me ultimately. We are in enterprise software. We sell solutions to begin prize. But i've got a. I've got a lad sales organization in the us and that that now selling to Yeah the now selling to Your c. level executives in big corporations Your enterprise selling young for my whole career has been about face to face interaction and building a relationship of this was a huge paradigm shift for you know for the industry And even in a business to business sick that the implications of digital the will we live in a having a real life impact on a day-to-day vice already You will learn about the efficiencies of being able to conduct more business. A and more meetings and digitally So y- is actually invading becoming an integral part of your the data. Dave way we would. We can now live Anywhere in the world and do jobs.

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