Veterans Caution Young Recruits Against Enlisting in the U.S. Military


Was at an event last week. In oklahoma studied talking to an amazing political candidate who former green beret senior. Nco we started talking about bragging. The green berets. And i literally just received a text about thirty minutes before this reception from a very good friend at brag and and i think it went according to you and i want you to comment on what this means for america. So this is the person i've been working with for long long time and i'm not gonna give you the all. The context context the last line of this text. Is this good talking about fort bragg. Home of the green berets our political situation. Right now sucks at fort bragg cut at fort bragg what does this mean for the security of the country well i think china's going around A high fiving one another. I think putin's gotta be laughing. Iranians have to be positively giddy over this. The fact is we've taken action over the last twenty years and accelerate in the last few years that have detail caused our combat. Rain is to deteriorate rows in the garbage dump We are getting rid of good soldiers. Because they don't want to take a vaccine they don't necessarily need we are Demoralizing are people Among the veterans community there are a lot of us. And and you know this as well as anybody dr gorka. The military american military today is largely a legacy organization. You know there are very few folks coming in. You don't have a father or mother or uncle or grandfather who who served. And that's that's why these guys doing or or one of the things that leads to do it and a lot of these veterans are telling people. Don't enlists right now. Don't become part of

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