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Passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the qualifying bomb show hour two podcast. Hey, very pleasant. Good afternoon. Welcome. We are midway through October and every Monday. We don't think it can get any crazier last week. It was Alabama losing today. Where do we begin? Well, there are a lot of choices and none of them are all that great. Let's get going right now with some headlines. And it's all over for coach. He will coach the remainder of the season, but no more as coach is let go after a week of turmoil after really a season of turmoil after two seasons of spiraling downhill after Joe burrow took off after hoisting the national championship trophy. Last night, everyone talked in BR. The man 2019, what a magical realm, but you know what? Because of the players. They're great players. And we had great coaches here and the players make this program and you're able to recruit great players here at LSU. But I knew we had to sustain that momentum. We had to sustain that standard. And I know that the last two years hasn't been the standard of LSU. So when he came and talked to me after the Kentucky game, I knew that it was time. And I understand that I understand the expectations illness you. And I invited myself and we did not meet him the last two years. I'm honored that I got to be the head coach of LSU. This administration has treated me with class with dignity the whole time that I've been here to give me everything that we needed to have success. I met with the players today. It's the first time that I get to talk to the players before I want to talk to you, but I am happy that I can be the coach of the LU Tiger store at the end of this season, and I promise you this, we're not going to blink. I'm glad we beat Florida. Tomorrow will be tell the truth Monday. And we will be on the whole mission. I'm gonna take it one day at a time, but I'm always gonna appreciate my time here. I have no regrets. God last year until the truth Monday told he didn't know anything about his status and now he tells us that he talked to the AD after the Kentucky anyway, it doesn't matter while he of course this is the timeline on coach O named interim coach in 2016 after less miles was fired. Of course, burrow transfers. They win the title. He's named national coach of the year. It's a big contract, raise, and then it all starts spiraling downhill. The athletic headline, and we'll talk to the author of this article. He lost track of who he was. He had always run small. And if you have not read this, we will tell you what you missed, and it's quite an extraordinary tale. Not exactly what you hear from some of the Talking Heads about coach O's stay in Baton Rouge. Meanwhile, what happened to the Gators, Dan Mullen? How about you telling the truth on Monday? What's going on down there? Another ugly loss, Gators have a biweek, and then they have Georgia. Speaking of ugly, how about the scene in Knoxville after a fantastic evening, one of the most exciting and many many years in big orange country, they lose the game, and then some in the audience lose their cool, throwing things on the field, protesting the officiating, throwing golf balls at lane kiffin. It was a melee and the SEC just moments ago has issued the following. They have fine Tennessee $250,000 required to use all available resources to identify individuals who through the objects, review and update game management procedures and alcohol availability policies. They do sell beer at newland. And provide a report to the conference office to try to prevent future incidents. What else can you say? I certainly understand in a stadium with more than a 100,000 people, this was a very small percentage. However, it's also hard to shy away from the fact that it was an ugly scene that has been disseminated, not only in the sports world I saw yesterday on The Today Show. I saw it today on the CBS network and quite frankly, whether Tennessee fans feel like they're being treated fairly or not, that school has received an ugly black eye as a result of all of this. There were some good things on the field charity. How about them dogs? Looked apart in knocking off Kentucky in a really dominant game, the score really doesn't quite tell the story. But dogs gave up a few more points than usual late late touchdown. They call it in Vegas and back door cover. But still, this defense has been nothing short of spectacular this year. Brody Miller, who won one of the best pieces we have seen in a long time in the athletics will join us in a minute. LZ, the basketball coach at Kentucky, the basketball season is about to begin mcelroy will join us with his take on the weekend. The TO guys and Kermit Davis. And your phone calls at 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. Let's start with Dwayne and Georgia. Hello, Dwayne, go right ahead. Hey, Paul, I just want to say this about coach. I've called in a couple times. I'm never seeing the guy that I like you. Just by what I hear, but I understand what LSU has to do. Personally, I wish that he would ask one more year, but I understand what they had to do and what's taking place. But I've been lied to God, just hope that things go well for him that he might find something else down the road somewhere else. Well, thank you for the call. Dwayne and you be well. Take care of yourself. Can is up next. Hey, can go ahead. Two things. First of all, I discovered you are Sunday

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