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Launching crypto custody services All right very cool to get some time with you Mary Beth but I hope we can get you back because it seems to me Merkel science has a wealth of information I think our clients would like to hear more about Mary Beth Buchanan as president of the Americas and global chief legal officer for Merkel science The regulations coming and Gary gensler seems to have this very much high on his to do list Yes Well and Mary Beth knows exactly what's coming and when which is why I think she's a perfect voice for us to check in with Let's get over now to Washington D.C. Amy Morris is standing by with your world national news Amy Thank you Matt The White House floating new plans for ways to pay for President Biden's $2 trillion proposal for expanding social services and tackling climate change Now the ideas include shelving a big increase in corporate tax rates while adding a new billionaires tax on the investment gains at the very richest Americans Democrats are racing to finish the package There are some key holdouts that are not on board with plans to get rid of Trump era tax breaks to help pay for it There's also word a big name is planning a move back into the spotlight former president Trump announcing a deal that could help him get back on social media following his exile from Facebook and Twitter Bloomberg's ready to young has that story Former president Donald Trump plans to start a social media company called truth social That's according to a press release that also says the new enterprise will be operating by the first quarter of next year That would be well ahead of the midterm elections The company says it's also planning a subscription video on demand service and it would be publicly traded through a merger with another firm called digital world acquisition We need a young Bloomberg radio U.S. flight attendants would be guaranteed an extra hour of rest between shifts There's a new proposal by aviation regulators This action was actually ordered by Congress The federal aviation administration had been under growing criticism for missing a 28 deadline to adopt these new changes The FAA's proposal would in most cases extend the required rest period to ten hours from the existing 9 hours under current rules they would still have their normal rest time in between shifts Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Amy Morris This is Bloomberg Accounting professor This is peacock I love it It's streaming your favorite shows Movies live sports breaking news exclusive originals It's the office That's what she said Chrisley knows best It's gonna be Todd's way or the

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