Jessie Jane Duff's Hardcore Response to the Concept of Women in Combat


And we're back one on one with Jesse Jane Duff. Okay, we discussed it at the beginning of the show. Let's open it up a little bit further. The NDAA, the national defense authorization act the Republicans who are bending over backwards to facilitate the crazies in the Democrat party. Well, not crazy. The crazy Democrat party told us about this idea of the draft for women. And who's behind this insanity and give us your take justice? Well, you know, there is so much disarray with this current administration that I couldn't tell you the logic behind any of it. Other than they have been enabled by our enemies. I mean, I look at this as just watering down the capabilities of our United States military one drip at a time. And people, you know, I get on Twitter and I get these guys. I wanna say, well, you all wanted equality. And I'm like, stop it. Stop it. Don't sit here and argue with someone like me. I wasn't one of those lieutenants that went to go to the courts and protest ensues, so I could become a general one day. The odds of you becoming a general in the infantry are slim to almost zero. Number one, number two, what is your motivation for this? It's not going to impact combat readiness. On one level. So first of all, there was a study done by the United States Marine Corps when Obama had lifted the combat exemption for women. And I believe it was 2015. April 15th, I remember was tax day. And it went without nobody cried. Nobody cried. Civilian women didn't even care. And I'm sorry, civilian ladies, you never care till it impacts you. And the fact is, as they've taken it for granted that their daughters wouldn't get drafted, but I told that many radio shows and TV shows as soon as you put women in ground combat, how are you going to be able to say you can justifiably stop putting it having them in the draft? So here's the thing, the bulk of the women don't want to go in the infantry for a multitude of reasons. We have 45% less muscle mass 20% less won capacity. And I hear women in the army particularly want to get mad at me and say, oh, you're against women's rights. Say, you are not thinking this out. Even if a woman can get through the training, what are her odds of surviving hand to hand combat with the enemy? Because that's what Fallujah was. This is equivalent to putting a woman in a mixed martial arts cage with a man. You can not believe pounds or 80 pounds of equipment. And not only that, the enemy tends to fight on methamphetamines and other drugs. So that right there. Two. Even if you pass the training, your odds are you're going to be at the lower percentile of the men. Unless they've done so many accommodations, they've lowered the standard. You now have

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