Best Buy CEO Says Employees Experience Trauma From Rise of Looting


Right now right Too Minneapolis best buys were robbed on Black Friday In the smash and grabs looting whatever you want to call it I don't care pick your word I'm not gonna be like a woke liberal and decide that I'm gonna focus on the word Whatever you want to call it right It's people breaking in and stealing stuff Lots of people doing it Flash mobs everything else Of course these liberal professors were only concerned about how the word makes people feel But how about what the looting does to make people feel How does that make people feel That curiosity The CEO of Best Buy you know she said she came out and she said that there's trauma from these employees That's what they're feeling right now Because all these thefts that are happening Across the country in her stores for example organized crime People come in to stores with the intent to steal consumer electronics And she said quote these are traumatic experiences and they are happening more and more across the country And you have you've got other retailers saying the

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