Michael J. Knowles Reacts to Mississippi Abortion Case Arguments


And the pro life lawyers did a great job And I think you said it very well This is the issue A lot of times whenever a conservative makes any kind of argument you'll hear the liberals and the squishes push back and they'll say oh is this really the hill you want to die on And first of all I never intend to die on a hill But when it comes to this issue if there is going to be a hill to die on it's got to be this one because this is the most basic issue it is literally about life and death And as you point out if we don't stand up on this issue then conservatism doesn't make any sense America doesn't make any sense if we don't stand up on this issue In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson predicates the country on the unalienable rights given to us by our creator those rights to life liberty and property You can't have a reliability in the pursuit of happiness might be understood as property You can't pursue happiness if you don't have liberty You can't have liberty if you don't have life It all comes down to life Go through every bite that you have in the Bill of Rights every legal right you've got in any state in this country none of them matter whatsoever if you don't have the right to life And as we have seen as we heard the lawyers discussed today the roe versus wade decision was incoherent Justice Thomas asked very well He said so is this about the right to abortion Where is that You asked me about the Second Amendment and I know where that is But the right to abortion where is that And the pro abortion lawyers ran their mouths on a filibuster basically Just tried to say a bunch of words to make it seem like a coherent sentence They have no answer There is no right to abortion in the constitution It's one of if not the single most egregious error in the history of American jurisprudence and its long past time we

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