No Problem (MM #3905)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. I was reading a fascinating story the other day about how Generation Z and millennials don't like to say you're welcome. When they're thankful for something they usually prefer to say, no problem or no worries. Of course it has baby boomers all in a snit. I have not noticed it, yeah, I'm a baby boomer, but I haven't really noticed that before. Of course, it's all about being formal or not being formal. The world and the language have evolved over the course of time and we now live in a world less formal than previous. I remember the big deal when we first started wearing jeans to work, and everybody was so upset about that or go back even further than that when women started wearing pants to work. It's the world we live in now is much less formal and the younger generations prefer it that way. It all happens at an all evolves. But instead of saying, you're welcome, which is much too stuffy and much too formal and makes them uncomfortable. They'd rather say no problem and no worries. I'll be honest just an acknowledgment in general. That makes it okay for me because most of the times you say thank you. Nobody seems to care.

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