Editor Joel Berry Describes His Comedy Influences


Folks I am talking to Joel berry not to be confused with crunch berry or really any berry, Joel berry you're your own man, and you grew that beard of your own volition. Did you grunt it out in hopes of landing a gig with the Babylon bee? Because I know that if they see an unbearded youth walk in, they just think like he's probably not reforms enough for us, right? Yeah. Well, I was hired and I started reading spurgeon and like the next morning, it just was incredible. I'm going a beard virtually all the time. But I just shave it off before anybody notices. But I want you to know that it's there. You know, it's happening, basically. It's happening as much as your beard is happening. It's growing about the same rate. See that sometimes. I think you should the next few years. If you take certain vitamins, you could like grunt it out in four days. It's unbelievable. Okay, so here's my question for you. When you were growing up, like ten minutes ago, who were your heroes? Who were your comedy heroes? Is there anything that influenced you or what's your comedy thing? Well, you know it came a little bit later in life. I'll be honest. I was homeschooled very sheltered. You know, I grew up in the world where you know you don't watch The Simpsons, you know, you stay away from The Simpsons. So I had to kind of play catch up later on. But I want to know what level are we talking? It's one thing to avoid The Simpsons. It's another thing to turn your own butter. Like where were you on that spectrum? You were maybe a step above churning our own butter. We were pretty long Jean skirts on the ladies. Oh yes. And like a whole Holly hobby kind of aesthetic? Yeah. So those early Apple on B jokes where we would talk about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, introducing its first baptist supermodel in the long Jean skirt. Those jokes were also too good. It's too good. So yeah, so what did so when did you I mean, was it reading the onion? What was it? What were you reading that made you think I want to do this? Unless it was the B itself. Yeah, it was the B itself, you know? I think the bee was originally inspired by what the onion did. Our founder Adam Ford, he read an onion headline shortly after the Alberta fell decision when they redefine the meaning of marriage at the Supreme Court. And it was something to the effect of forced Supreme Court Justices suddenly realized that they will be the villains in an upcoming Oscar winning movie. You know? And that's a pretty good headline, right? Yeah, it's very good. And I think Adam at that point, he read that. And even though he vehemently disagreed with the point of view of the onion, he had to respect the joke. Why aren't we doing

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