Democrats Assess Where They Went Wrong as a ‘Red Tsunami’ Takes Hold in New York


The fault line is being exposed, the Democrats are doing an autopsy of why they lost in every possible direction from Edward durr to the Virginia governor's race to the lieutenant governor's race in Virginia. How bad was it actually? Well, I just want to. I want to hear, let's just local news report cut 87. This is in New York, Nassau county. Play cut 87 just so you understand what Democrats are dealing with. Even in New York play tape. The shock resonated from the New York suburbs down the eastern seaboard. People are saying there was a red wave, they're wrong. It was a red tsunami. Republican Bruce blakeman declaring victory in the Nassau executive race considered the biggest upset here since Edmund Ghana when seated Tom swazi in 2009. We had the right message. It was taxes. It was crime. People are fed up with a liberal, progressive policies of the other party. This isn't the party of John F. Kennedy anymore. It's the party of AOC and Bernie Sanders, and they're rejecting that. And Joe Biden, they're rejecting that. I said this yesterday to Connor, and I said this to Andrew, I said, if the Democrats continue with this, and if they are unable to inoculate themselves, and remove the tumor, that is woke ism from their party. It is not out of the conversation that if conservatives do their job, and they don't, they're not run by a bunch of feckless morons, which is so often the case, we could end up winning states like New Jersey and Connecticut. We could win 40 out of 50

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