Diving Deep on John Durham With Kash Patel


Someone that understands the Russian collusion story better than anybody else and his predictions have been coming true and I push back against them very politely when he was on the show. He's a friend of mine cash, Patel, very smart guy American patriot. Cash are you with us? Yeah, Charlie, got you loud and clear and thanks so much for having me back on your show. Really appreciate it. The floor is yours, what have we learned this week with John Durham and these indictments? Well, as your show and your viewers have taken a great interest in John Durham, what he's been doing since we last talked was issue another indictment. And let's just rewind history for a little bit for those who haven't watched the plot against the president, spend 90 minutes of your life and learn about the biggest political scandal and how Devin Nunes and I expose that scandal in the United States history. So first, you have Christopher Steele, or let's back up one more step. You have fusion GPS and the democratic national party and Hillary Clinton campaign pay millions of dollars to obtain fraudulent information through a MI 6 asset Christopher Steele and pump that into the FBI and have the FBI intentionally lie to a fisa court. So you have a democratic political party. You have a foreign operative. You've got tens of millions of dollars, and you have our FBI and DOJ being corrupted. As if that wasn't bad enough, that was proven. Not just by the Nunes memo and the Russia gate investigation we did validated by the inspector general, but also John Durham indicted one of the attorneys who lied to the fist court for the surveillance warrant during the Trump campaign era. And then indicted just a couple of weeks ago, Michael sussman for lying to the FBI. Who's Michael sussman? Oh, he's the head lawyer for the DNC and Hillary campaign who was getting paid millions of dollars to shell. This information about the Russia gate hooks to the FBI and lied about it. And now we have this guy indicted danchenko. His name's not that important, but his position is. And if you recall, Christopher Steele did this terrible interview with George Stephanopoulos recently. We do go to try to resuscitate his credibility. And people were asking, why would he do that now? Because he knew this indictment was coming. And why does it matter? Because we already destroyed Christopher Steele's credibility in his lies. But you asked, where does Christopher Steele get his information from? Danchenko, this guy that was just indicted at lying to the FBI. 5 times over 5 counts in a federal indictment was Christopher Steele's primary source for the information that we knew was rather than to begin

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