People Died on Dr. Anthony Fauci's Watch Compared to Sen. Ted Cruz


This stuff Go ahead Lockdowns people talking about that Let's see what the information that we're getting in real time tells us He's on TV He doesn't have the data He doesn't have the substance doesn't have the facts and so all he's doing is shooting from the hip this is what he always Let's wait and see and that's why that's when we get the facts when I get more information But is that all he said on Sunday Now here he is on defaced the nation Cut 9 go Senator Cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted Yeah I have to laugh at that I should be prosecuted What happened on January 6th senator Wow he prepared for that one And what did happen on January 6th What did he do dummy You see how political this guy is What did he do I should be proud to say that what the hell Sounds like a cackling Kamala But the truth is nobody died on Ted Cruz's watch Ted Cruz isn't running the infectious disease operation in the national Institutes for health Wear a mask don't wear a mask We're two masks where goggles stay in your house hide under the table Wear a mask when you're taking a crap And I do this to do what I tell you I missed this science Come on out now The best guy at this has been Cuomo What What

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