A highlight from 401 The Synergy of Omega-3, Vit. D3 and Vit. K2


I'm your host Steve Langford, thanks for joining me. I'm glad you're here. We're going to have an interesting discussion today. We're going to take a new look at the rolls of omega three vitamin D three and vitamin K two. You may have heard of all three of those, but I don't imagine that you've probably heard about them in the context of how they might work together. What's the synergy between these particular nutrients? That's what we're going to discuss today with one of my favorite guests. Jolie root. You've heard Jolie many times. She's our most prolific contributor to our interviews here at health quest podcast. And I as you know, I love speaking to Jolie. I learn a lot from her every time I do one of these interviews. And that's how I know it's going to be interesting and educational for you our listeners. She's a senior nutritionist. She's the educator at Carlson laboratories. She's been doing this as long as I've known her. But she's been in the natural products industry for a long time. She's been a natural product. Retailer, so she understands that part of the equation she's worked with consumers. She's got a career in education in the health sciences. She's a nutritionist and a nurse. I always like that combination because it brings in the convergence of the medical and the nutritional. Each are important. Each play their role, but they're not the same. And so we want to understand what are the benefits of these nutrients. So she's able to really bring the science and the nutritional practical application of this good nutrition for health. I believe she still does her weekly radio show called food for thought. This is heard in New York City in Connecticut. If you happen to be in those areas, you can listen. It was on Fridays at ten a.m., but you can also listen online. So you can hear Jolie her weekly radio show any time that you want. And so I highly endorse her as an educator, you know, I love her as one of my guests. So today we're going to talk about this interesting synergy between omega three, vitamin D and vitamin K two. What are their roles? How are they connected? And how is taking them together, beneficial for you? So it's in that capacity I'm pleased to introduce Jolie root. Jolie welcome back to health quest podcast. Thanks, Steve, what a generous and kind introduction. You give me. Thank you so much. It's easy to do because it's from the heart and mind. I really do enjoy our conversations. The opportunities that we've had to speak, the opportunities we've had to meet, which have been so sparse in the last couple of years. I'm glad we have this opportunity to continue to get together and explore these important concepts. For our listeners, you can go back and listen more, learn more about Jolie's history, learn more about Carlson as a company. They of course are the sponsors of our interviews with Jolie. They're one of the leaders in the nutritional field. They've been doing it. Gosh going back at least into the 70s, maybe longer. I take Carlson products. My wife takes Carlson products and if you've listened to us in the past, I credit their fish oil with being one of the most important nutrients my wife and I have ever taken and it's been my favorite recommendation foundational nutrient for virtually everybody I talked to. If they're not getting omega threes, they've got to get them, no matter what their state of health, good, bad or otherwise, everybody needs these foundational nutrients. While in the last few years, we've started hearing about the importance of vitamin D well people in the nutritional products industry have known this for decades. We're also hearing more about vitamin K two. This is perhaps a more recent awareness, but certainly it's one of those vitamins that has risen into the awareness of many consumers and why it's important. Perhaps especially for women, but really for everybody. So that's the context that we're going to be looking at today with Jolie. So thank you, Jolie for bringing these interesting topics to us. If people want more information of our past interviews, they're all linked on the podcast page. They can go back and pick through the many different topics that we've covered here on health quest. So we're not going to delve into that today. People have that information. Let's start off with really the foundation. You mentioned to me that you wanted to discuss this synergy between omega three vitamin D three and vitamin K two.

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