Over 100 countries vow to end deforestation at climate talks


More than one hundred countries who've pledged to end deforestation in the coming decade the commitment seen as critical to limiting climate change but one that's been made before I'm broken the British government says it has received commitments from leaders representing more than eighty five percent of the world's force to halt and reverse deforestation by twenty thirty among them are several countries with massive force including Brazil China Colombia Congo and the U. S. to go balm Gabaldon's president Ali bongo on Demba tells of the Cup conference for his people there's no future without a healthy forest it is my hope that Glasgow will mark a turning point in that to get there we would keep the force standing and the door open for our children and their children campaigners say they need to see the details to understand the agreements full impact as a similar ones in the past have failed to be effective I'm Charles de Ledesma

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