Apple is exploring reverse and “true” wireless charging technology - Ars Technica


Gonna catch you up on some Apple rumors that we missed while we were away. First, Mark gurman told us that Apple is still working on a multi device charger, other short and long distance wireless charging options, and reverse wireless charging for its devices. Quote, I do think apple is still working on some sort of multi device charger that it intends to eventually release. There's a reason why it planned to launch the device originally in 2017. I also believe apple is working on short and long distance wireless charging devices and that it imagines a future where all of apple's major devices can charge each other. Imagine an iPad charging an iPhone and then that iPhone charging AirPods or an Apple watch end quote. And earlier over the holidays, our other Apple rumor buddy, Ming cheek, quo had this. Apple's AR headset is according to him set to launch in late 2022 with an M1 like chip and no tethering to a Mac or an iPhone required, which would be absolutely huge if true, but does continue to point to the idea that Apple wants to replace the iPhone with AR or some form of wearable over the next decade,

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