NYC Diner Owner Files Lawsuit, Refuses to Comply With De Blasio's Vaccine Passports


Kellogg's diner in Brooklyn, New York is legendary and the owner of Kellogg's diner has decided enough is enough actually she's been pushing back for a while over these insane mandates and leaders elected officials telling people how to live their lives under the guise of welcome on our guest line. Irene syndrome is hiring boy oh boy, you are up against it. You decided to sue Bill de Blasio. You talk about mister smith going to Washington. How about Irene taking on the mayor of New York? I have to. I need to feed my children, Mike. I have to do what I can do to protect my family. You're a single mom of four children and these crazy mandates and restrictions that have put restaurants in the New York City area through such agony. And I've watched it. I witnessed it last winter. I couldn't believe it with people trying to put tense out in the streets with karashi heaters. This whole thing has been a nightmare. So walk us through your story, Irene and tell us why you're challenging New York and tell us how these requirements have impacted Kellogg's diner in Brooklyn. So I first want to let everybody know that I'm not against of this vaccine or any vaccine that can save lives. But I don't want to be forced to take this vaccine or force anybody to take a vaccine. They don't want to put in their body. Now, these mandates, like you asked me, what have they done to me? The first man dates there was no protection put on us. So once these lockdowns were taken off. We started getting suit because we defaulted in our contracts. We couldn't afford all these big rents that we had or these mortgages that we had because we had no business. We were only doing delivery and takeout. We weren't doing the volume that we normally do on without a pandemic happening. Nowhere near it. We're even close to that. All we could afford at the time was food bills and payroll, and if so, like, it was horrendous. I didn't have the option to put tables outside. Very little. I had a little driveway. You know, I'm on top of a train station. I'm on a corner that is so dangerous and intersection. So I didn't even have that option that others also had to even, you know, do some business outside. Right. Everything was just take out and delivery for me. It was very difficult. I now face 1.4 judgment. Against

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