The Contempt From the Biden Administration Is Unlike Anything We've Witnessed Before


So the supply chain crisis is funny to The White House, huh? The border crisis is funny. They're flying illegals into communities all across the country in the middle of the night. And Jen Psaki wants to argue with the reporter about what constitutes the middle of the night. It's funny. It's all a joke to them. Biden is demanding that cops and teachers firefighters, and nurses get fired from their jobs for failing to adhere to his draconian vaccine mandates while he goes strolling through an indoor inside a restaurant in Washington, D.C. maskless. It's a level of disrespect, and I'd argue contempt that we've never witnessed. The Democrats in general and the Biden administration in particular are demonstrating a degree of contempt for the American people that we have never witnessed. You think this is funny? When people are trying to put food on their table and figure out how to provide for their families and a reporter and earnest reporter who I don't think was a conservative reporter, mainstream reporter saying to Psaki, these items are all being clogged. They're not being delivered. The shelves are bare, and she's smirks. And says, ah, the tragedy of the treadmill. That's funny. This is the way this is how they roll.

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