Natural Immunity Is More Robust Than a Vaccine


The COVID last week as I explained to you yesterday. Washington Post and others very annoyed with me. That I believe in natural immunity more than I believe in vaccines. And that I spread disinformation. This is the common charge. It's disinformation, according to The Washington Post, to say that natural immunity is more robust than vaccine immunity. Despite all the studies that I show to that effect by the massive study in Israel with hundreds of thousands and despite for that matter, common sense. That nature is weaker than a vaccine. That is the claim that that is being made, nevertheless, I am charged with misinformation. I have never asked anybody, by the way, not to get vaccinated, not once. In fact yesterday I said, I think that you should either get vaccinated or take Therapeutics as a prophylactic. I don't think you should do nothing. That was not reported by one left wing source that I said that yesterday because it would make me too human and make my position to morally complex for the simpletons of them at The Washington Post, and that they leave east and other places. So that is what one deals with. I did indeed hug people all throughout the all throughout the pandemic. I announced that at the time and I was my belief that you live life fully even during a pandemic. I did not hide from the world I spoke at rallies. I posed with people for pictures at speeches, nobody was coerced into posing with me. They were either vaccinated themselves or on some therapeutic or simply decided that they would do so.

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