Eric Asks Author Victor Davis Hanson, 'Do You Have Hope?'


I'm talking to victor davis hanson. Also known as the age the dying citizen is the book victor. Since you've permitted victor. I i've been talking in this last year the plague year about hope and about the idea that i believe that The good part of what. We've been enduring Is that many people formerly asleep or waking up. I have been a excited to see a lot of that. People who Realized when things get this bad maybe they should pay attention. Maybe they should change their opinions on things. So i have hope Do you do you have hope. Where do you see things from here. I do have hope. And i. I have a long epilogue because the book was written before two thousand twenty one but i have an epilogue and one of the things that i'm very hopeful about. Is that the traditional. Republican party is starting to metamorphasized. In other words. There were a lot of americans believe in many of its principles but for variety of rational and irrational reasons. They didn't want to be part of the party of mitt romney. For example a decent man nice guy but in their mind representation of a very elite person. That was not concerned when he gave that. Talk for example. Why can't do anything with a forty seven percent all takers and wrote off that part of it. So what i mean in particular is when you see the border crisis and then you see that mexican american communities along the borders are electing conservative representatives. Because they say that's not what we want destroying our communities or where i live in the san joaquin valley california people who are mexican american are saying. I'm not going to be taken for granted anymore. And maybe i'm going to. I'm going to vote for a republican. Because they're not the party of the golf course only

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