A highlight from Japanese Breakfast


Of ESPN college football, ESPN, the ESPN logo and ESPN college football are registered trademarks of ESPN incorporated. Yesterday I kind of woke up and this is the first time I was like, oh, I fucking love this. No, I read the cover article first. Then I listen to the first album. I was like, wait, I've been missing this in my life for 5 years. I get combines. A lot of things I really love and it's great. And the second and third record. And then I saw that you wrote a New York Times Best Seller. So by four p.m., I'm riding my bicycle to mcnally Jackson to get a copy of the book. I actually called the bookstore. I was like, do you have a copy of crying in the H 5 and the guy? Kind of snicker down the phone as if I'd called tower records that name and like, do you have Guns N' Roses appetite for destruction? He's like, yeah, we wrote a few copies of that. So I just had such a Japanese breakfast day. And then by the end of the day, like most New Yorkers I was scooping buckets of water out of my basement. Oh my God. I'm Mark ronson, and this is the fader uncovered podcast. In this interview series, I'll be speaking with some of the most influential and groundbreaking musicians in the world. From genre defining stars to avant garde trailblazers about their lives and careers. Each episode will be rooted in these musicians iconic fader cover stories and institution that over the past two decades has told artist stories like no other. The podcast is the chance for us to talk about the past present and future, reflecting on their breakthroughs, diving into their lives when they're covered hit shelves and discussing what the future might hold now. And it's an opportunity for me to speak to some of the artists I most admire. This

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