FBI Whistleblower Reveals Agency Created 'Threat Tag' to Track Alleged Harassment of Education Officials


According to a whistleblower from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI is now compiling information. Under the tag Ed you officials to track parents that communicate complaints to school boards, administrators, teachers, and staff. Directly at odds to Merrick Garland's testimony sworn testimony under oath to lawmakers. Now, Senate Republicans instead of actually doing their job, they're too busy passing $1.2 trillion infrastructure packages, $2.5 billion, by the way of the infrastructure package, put money towards tree equity. That's right. Tree equity. That's what your Republicans voted for. Now why do I connect those two? Because your Senate Republicans that voted for that infrastructure package, they've been too busy. Work in the deal. Doing the process, glad handing fellow Democrat senators while the FBI. Now has Patriot Act style tags a new why would you even negotiate with this regime? Why would you vote for any bill that they put up while this is even remotely happening and it is happening? FBI creates threat tag to track alleged harassment of educators. They're never going to stop doing this until they realize that there's a legitimate opposition party in this country. And as we've said before, the new war is not going to be won in Taiwan. It's not going to happen in Taiwan, the regime doesn't want that. It's not going to be one of sand and death in the Middle East. It's not going to be a conflict in eastern Russia. No, the new war is against you. And Garland lied under oath about it. U.S. code title 18 section one 6 two one. Anyone who will fully in contrary to such oath states are subscribed any material matter, which he does not believe to be true, is guilty of perjury and shall be fined or imprisoned up to 5 years or

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