Tiffany Cross Is Stuck on 'Racist' Truck Drivers Versus Other Major Media Companies?


The is not even an intelligent person You know they used to have Tim Russert that guy was unbelievable And before him Joel spivak and then they purposely lower their stainless but I have a question folks Here's the anchor on meet the press right What's his race mister White They have their Sunday show on ABC George Stephanie what's his race White They have a Sunday show on CBS nobody watches it What's his or her race White Isn't that amazing Jeff mother Zucker What's his ray He's white I can go right down the list Let's look at AT&T Board a director see ya White What's that all about The ownership of The New York Times always has been white they're immigrants Oh Look at The Washington Post who's at the head of The Washington Post a guy named Fred Ryan White Why does white can be That amazing An activity cross is there talking about truck drivers truck drivers She's met truck drivers and most of them she happens to know an industry populated by a lot of white men over the age of 55 We can't have that in America No no no In Tiffany what have you done for your country What have you done for anybody What have you done for black people Nothing You're a loser All you do is attack people

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