The Media Wants You to Believe Kyle Rittenhouse Shot Black People


Jennifer horn, are you there? I am here happy birthday to the marines and happy Wednesday to you, said. Happy happy Wednesday to you as well. I don't know. You work incredibly hard, hardest working lady on radio as you also keep. What's his face grant stinchfield under control every morning is you're hosting the morning answer on a.m. 5 98, 8 70 the answer. However, I don't know what you do after this show as have you been keeping a beady eye on the Kyle rittenhouse trial? Is this insane? What a couple of twists that we've seen over the last couple of days. And you know what? What really struck me said is that we heard about this obviously after Jacob Blake and Kenosha and 2020, that was the year where we heard about this. And the media convicted him on day one. They made fun of Ricky Schroder and all the people who stood up for Kyle rittenhouse that they were just a bunch of white supremacy. Even the president himself, Biden called him a white supremacist. Do you know what really struck me? And I'm almost embarrassed to admit this because you know I keep up with the news like crazy. Yes. As I was kind of going through as this trial got underway, what was the last week? Probably. I was just going through and just refreshing everything in my mind. And I looked at the victims and the victims were all white. Now, hang on hang on. You don't forget don't forget. White wife beat us and child rapists. Don't forget. Yeah, yeah. And you know, I pride myself on staying afloat on most of the stuff. Especially these big stories I really try to stay up to date. In my mind, he shot at black people, he didn't shoot at white people. He shot a black people. This is why the media convicted him and said he was a white supremacist because he went in with an AR-15 to go hunting for black people. That was the impression that the news media gave us. That was what was in people's minds. I still think people believe that he shot three black people. And he

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