Federal Investigators Launch Civil Rights Probe Into Southlake, Texas Schools


I want to pivot here to a story that is, it's really, it's a massive story. It's out of southlake, Texas, federal investigators, this per NBC News launched civil rights probe into southlake, Texas schools. Now you will remember that south Lake became one of the hotbeds in this CRT school board battle that has been raging across the country with concerned parents. Now yesterday Charlie did an amazing job covering memo gate as we are thus dubbing it. Where it is now become clear that despite Merrick Garland's claims that there was no FBI, you know, surveilling of parents, that is indeed the case, a whistleblower has come forth. Some of our favorite representatives like Jim Jordan out of Ohio have been leading on this issue, actually, we have Jim Jordan's going to be joining the show here soon for a long form discussion here shortly. It's also got a great book out, recommend everybody checking it out. So Jim Jordan's been out front on memo gate. Now, we find out that there's something brewing. And I don't love the direction. There's two simultaneous concurrent streams that are running counter to what we all thought we learned after Virginia. After even New Jersey was too close to call an election night. After Republicans swept races all across the country. Even in Seattle. What were the messages? That we thought we learned? Well, that CRT is dumb, and that parents don't like it, and that it's a losing issue for Democrats. And that Republicans get rewarded when they fight things like CRT. When they don't take a neutral stance in the public square, but fight it with everything they've got and they say, listen, I'm going to exercise state power and not cop out on some, you know, we believe in small government, which we do, but these are not mutually exclusive things. The government as constituted in the United States of America is designed fundamentally to protect the rights of its citizens. And to predict the right to protect the rights of parents. And what conservatives too often do is they hide behind that as a excuse to do nothing

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