Could Mike Pompeo, Robert O'Brien, Make a Run for POTUS?


Yeah, David drucker, I am going to moderate a debate of would be senators in ohioans on a night, the 6 Republicans who are running three nights at Senate to replace rob Portman, and I'm reading in Trump shattered or prepare for that debate. They might want to get a hold of a copy themselves if they want to know what I'm thinking about. I think you're going to sell like hotcakes. I can not wait to read this, but I wanted to ask you, I know that two of the profiles in the book are of Robert O'Brien and Mike Pompeo. I was with both of those men last week. I'm curious what your assessment of both of their intentions and odds are showed president Trump not enter the race. And if he should. Well, it's very interesting. Let me start with Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State because I spent so much time researching him and reporting on it. He wants to run for president. And in fact, in a podcast interview a couple of weeks ago and it's a companion to my book, so it's also athlete titled in Trump's shadow. I asked secretary Pompeo, if I said I know you're not going to tell me if you're running or not today, I'm not that I'm not that crazy. But I said, if Trump decides to run a third time, does that automatically mean you will not. And he would not say as some have said that that automatically means he would not. He said, look, if you're going to run for president, you need to believe that you have something unique and critical to offer the country at a time in history. He is planning to run and everything he is doing is about planning to run. Robert O'Brien, who I profile less, but did mention is a very interesting figure because he comes from the traditional wing of the party, but he fit in very well with Trump in The White House and was his most successful national security adviser from the perspective of doing the job and not getting crosswise with the commander in chief. Could be a very interesting dark horse candidate as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He's a Mormon. He comes from the west. There are pockets of Mormon voters in Arizona and Nevada, Idaho, other states where multi candidate primary, you might be able to do some damage. He's also interested in running. I classify him as less interested in Pompeo.

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