Communist China Tested a Hypersonic Weapon in August


I believe we have a Sputnik moment here ladies and gentlemen Many of you are too young to know what Sputnik is Or was I should say Well Sputnik changed everything On October 4 1957 the Soviet Union launched successfully The world's first artificial satellite That's what they called it About the size of a beach ball Wait only 83.6 kilometer That's about 83 183 or four pounds Orbited there for about 98 minutes And it ushered in a new political military technological and scientific Cold War Well that's just happened with the communist Chinese and I've said we'd been in a Cold War with them for years We may not have accepted it as a Cold War but they sure as our fighting it It sure as our fighting it They paging entered into hypersonic missile race and according to MSN it shocked not just the United States but the Russians The global hypersonic arms race is heating up worldwide after China tested a top secret weapon that can circle the globe at 21,000 mph And descent from space to strike anywhere on earth in minutes

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