Merck says COVID-19 pill cuts risk of death, hospitalization


Two leading infectious disease experts say it's encouraging news that Merck has gotten good results from its experimental drug to treat to cope with nineteen patients White House Kobe advisor Dr Anthony Fauci says the report from work gives hope of a life saving treatment that people could take as a pill of importance is that in the placebo group there were eight deaths and in the treatment group there were no deaths Merck says it will soon be asking the U. S. food and drug administration to approve the drug's use Vanderbilt university's Dr William Schaffner says it works like Tama flew stopping the virus from replicating ended something patients could get from a drug store at the moment people who are newly infected have to come to special treatment centers to receive their intravenous infusions an independent group of advisors monitoring Merck's trial recommended stopping it early because the results were so strong I'm Jackie Quinn

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