No One Even Noticed Pete Buttigieg Is on Paternity Leave


Well, we found out where Pete Buttigieg has been. He has been on paternity leave for two months now last time that came up, I got in trouble with megyn Kelly. So I'm not touching that issue. Lord knows what happened. She wrote about it in her book. You can Google it, megyn Kelly and Mike Gallagher on the issue of maternity leave. So wow. Two months two plus months for maternity leave. Paid paternity leave. You know what's the best part of the story of Pete Buttigieg being MIA all this time? Nobody really even noticed till this week. That's how irrelevant he is. Nobody even really noticed he was gone. He's the transportation secretary. We've had this supply chain crisis for weeks. And they just noticed though the other day. Where's he been? Always on paternity leave. And that became a whole thing and then Tucker Carlson attacked him and then he responded to Tucker Carlson and he's saying he can still do the job from whatever. But isn't it amazing? No one knew he was gone.

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