'Everybody is frustrated,' Biden says as his agenda stalls


President Biden is acknowledging frustrations as Democrats strain to rescue a scaled back version of his three point five trillion dollar government overhaul plan and salvage a related public works bill as the president left the White House for a weekend stay in Delaware he was asked what his message is to moderate Democrats frustrated by the delay in a vote on the infrastructure bill everybody's frustrated report of any government he pledged to do everything he could to get the two pillars of his domestic agenda passed into law why do you go to work like hell to make sure your forties perhaps maybe we'll get the facts on the phone with a lot of baby remember self Biden refrain from wearing out a new deadline and said he planned to do some travel to promote the legislation's going around the country this week making the case why it sold for the president went to Capitol Hill Friday for a private meeting with house Democrats those in attendance said he discussed cutting the price tag on a spending plan to around two trillion dollars Ben Thomas Washington

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